When can a nursing home be liable for abuse and neglect?

When can a nursing home be liable for abuse and neglect?

The care of loved ones is entrusted to nursing homes on a daily basis. Family members whose loved ones have been harmed in a nursing home should be familiar with nursing home liability and how a negligent nursing home can be held accountable for nursing home abuse and neglect.

Negligent personal supervision and care of residents

Nursing homes can be liable for negligent supervision and care of victims residing in their facility. Nursing homes have a duty of care to residents and if they fail to provide proper care, may be liable for the harm the victim suffers.

Negligent hiring and retention of employees

Nursing homes can be liable for negligently hiring and retaining employees. If a nursing home hires staff members who are not qualified to be around residents, they may be liable for harm caused by staff members.

Negligent maintenance of the premises: nursing homes are required to maintain the premises for the safety and security of residents. If a nursing home fails to do so, and a resident is harmed, the nursing home may be responsible for their damages.

Negligent selection or maintenance of equipment

Nursing homes have an obligation for carefully select and maintain equipment used at their facility for the safety of residents. If the nursing home does not adequately maintain equipment and a resident is harmed by the equipment, the nursing home may be liable for the harm the victim suffers.

Nursing homes may also be liable for failing to adequately train nursing home staff or for failing to adequately staff the nursing home. There are different ways that nursing homes may be liable when a resident is injured or otherwise harmed while in their care. Victims and their families should be familiar with these legal protections to help keep their loved ones safe in nursing homes and protected when they have been harmed.

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