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Albuquerque Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer

Due to the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck, many trucking accidents cause widespread devastation and a fatality among the people in the smaller vehicle. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of a truck driver, filing a wrongful death claim may be able to help you find some peace of mind through financial stability. Berenson & Associates, PC is known throughout New Mexico for providing compassionate and knowledgeable legal and moral support for our clients.

Accolades and accomplishments that set us apart include:

  • Close to 20 years of legal experience
  • Certified Auto Accident Reconstructionist (Attorney Berenson)
  • Positive client testimonials

Your comfort and recovery are our number one priority. We would be honored to be able to show you just what that means. Call 505-243-4400 to schedule an initial consultation with our Albuquerque wrongful death attorney today.

Compensation You May Be Able To Seek

In a truck accident claim of any sort, it can be expected that the truck driver will be backed by their company and a team of legal experts. We hope to empower your claim and keep the case in your favor by using Attorney Berenson’s unique accident reconstructionist skills to pinpoint liability. If it can be determined that your loved one passed away due to the truck driver or another related party, compensation may become available that help you get through such a difficult time.

Damages we would want to consider for your trucking accident wrongful death case:

  • Wages the decedent should have earned in their lifetime
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of consortium and companionship
  • Final medical and hospitalization bills
  • Punitive damages if illegal actions caused the accident
  • Repair or replacement costs to vehicle

It is clear that no settlement or verdict will be able to replace a person you lost in a trucking accident, but the truth is that compensation can provide a solid financial future that helps take your mind off bills. In this way, a wrongful death claim may prove to be crucial for your own recuperation. Holding a negligent trucker or trucking company accountable also penalizes and discourages them from acting so recklessly in the future, essentially protecting everyone else on the road.

We Make Claims Easy On You

Our team genuinely wants to see you and your family as comfortable as possible throughout your wrongful death claim. In many cases, mediation can be explored to avoid a heated courtroom battle, close a case sooner, and allow you to focus on grieving and recovering. Contact our Albuquerque wrongful death lawyer today to learn more about mediation, your legal rights, and all we can do to make your case as stress-free as possible.


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