Severe burn victims have a long road to recovery

Severe burn victims have a long road to recovery

The results of a fiery car crash are never good. Roadway collisions involving cars and big-rig trucks often lead to fatalities and catastrophic injuries. And among those injuries include severe burns. If you survive a crash but sustain second- or third-degree burns, the road to recovery is a lengthy one, promising lengthy hospital stays and treatment that lasts many years.

Your priority is recovery. However, not only do you face the challenge of fighting for your life, you face financial hardship, too. Lengthy hospital stays and rehabilitation mean exorbitant medical bills. In addition, your injuries may prevent you from ever working again all because of the negligence of another driver. And think of the pain and suffering you and your family experienced. Life is worth living, but now you will face more challenges.

Physical and emotional pain, other ailments

The physical and emotional pain may never subside related to a severe burn injury. Treatment is painful as well. With second-degree burns, victims receive skin grafts in the early stages of treatment in order to minimize scarring.

The same holds true for the more serious third-degree burns in which skin grafts are a necessity. In the case of such extensive burns, frequent operations overseen by a plastic surgeon are likely. In addition, infections caused by burns often lead to fatal complications unless effectively treated with antibiotics.

Other injuries and health-related problems arise from severe burn injuries as well. For example:

  • Victims may immediately go into shock.
  • Smoke inhalation often causes severe damage to the lungs.
  • Burns to the eyes will require additional treatment from specialists.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder often is an after-effect of a severe burn injury, leading to additional counseling.

There is no question that you as a severe burn victim will face a lifetime of challenges. Not only must you fight for your life and establish new norms, but you also must prepare for a legal fight stemming from the actions of a negligent driver.

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