What factors lead to nursing home abuse?

What factors lead to nursing home abuse?

Nursing home abuse cases are rising and may continue increasing due to the aging population.

Several factors contribute to the likelihood of abuse or negligence in senior care facilities.

Staffing problems can lead to nursing home abuse

Providing a high level of care for seniors requires having enough caregivers to fulfill their needs. Standards of care decrease when there are not enough people to perform the necessary tasks. Failure to provide essential care can result in neglect or abuse. The employees of nursing homes can face stress, burnout and frustration if they do not have the support of a healthy workplace team.

Inadequate care can result from a lack of training or poor management

If staff members do not receive proper training, they will not have the skills to provide essential care. Nursing home workers must perform specialized tasks, such as medical attention, personal care and mobility assistance. Without regular education and attentive management, staff may not know how to provide the correct level of care, resulting in neglect and abuse.

Lack of consequences enable continued abuse

Often, nursing home abuse goes unpunished, creating an environment where repeated abuse occurs. When senior care centers are not held accountable, abusive incidents continue to happen.

Older adults can suffer emotional and physical injuries as a result of nursing home abuse. When you suspect your loved one is a victim of improper care, you have legal options to fight for their rights. Knowledge of New Mexico laws helps you obtain the justice your family deserves.

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