3 car crash injuries that could be more serious than you think

3 car crash injuries that could be more serious than you think

If you are injured in a car crash, it is essential to avoid moving too fast to settle. Insurers and negligent drivers may encourage a speedy resolution. While you might be grateful to get some money and move on, they are not acting out of kindness.

Some of the most severe injuries do not make themselves apparent straight away. If you settle based on only what you know at the time, you may struggle to pay your medical bills when you realize your condition is more severe than you first thought.

It is best to get a medical examination after any vehicle collision

You may feel fine and look fine. Yet, to ensure total peace of mind, you need to get a doctor to check. Here are some of the injuries that might not be apparent at first:

  1. Traumatic brain injuries: If you bang your head in the crash, you might feel a bit dizzy or sore. It may feel like when you fell off your bicycle as a child. Inside your head, something much more severe may be happening. Pressure may be building, resulting in a severe brain injury that limits your ability to walk, work, think, or speak.
  2. Internal organ damage: Seeing yourself covered in blood is distressing, but surface wounds usually heal quickly. Organ damage could be life-threatening.
  3. Spinal damage: The crash impact could leave your spinal column in a precarious position. If later activity knocks the delicately balanced pieces out of alignment, paralysis could occur.

Insurance companies use various tricks to limit how much they pay you in a car crash. Ensuring you follow the correct procedures will be crucial to securing adequate compensation.

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