Speed can be deadly on the road

Speed can be deadly on the road

New Mexico motorists are facing a greater risk on the roadways, as traffic fatalities have grown significantly over the last few years. A number of contributing factors have been ascribed to this, including the greater number of drivers as well as the popularity of smartphones increasing distractions among both drivers and pedestrians. On the other hand, a National Transportation Safety Board posits that speeding is the primary factor in the upswing in fatalities.

The study looked at traffic deaths between 2005 and 2014, and concluded that speeding is a major cause of fatal car accidents. The NTSB considered that 112,580 deaths during the study period were attributable primarily to speeding, a number that is roughly similar to the death toll taken by drunk drivers in the same period. In the report, the NTSB argues that speeding and drunk driving share similar risk profiles that escalate the likelihood of fatal or serious injury crashes.

The NTSB uses this data to call for tougher enforcement and penalties for speeding, more like those for drunk driving than the current ticketing system. DUI convictions regularly lead to a loss of driving privileges, while only severely excessive speeding will ever reach that point. The NTSB urged the use of speed cameras and the alteration of speed limits in various areas.

Auto accident victims who have suffered serious injuries in a crash caused by another motorist’s speeding or other negligent behavior can seek compensation for their losses. A personal injury lawyer can work with injured parties to pursue damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages due to a collision.

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