Signs that a nursing home is not appropriate

Signs that a nursing home is not appropriate

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life is finding the right nursing home for your elderly relatives. This is not an easy decision, and it is certainly not one that should be taken lightly.

Your parents or grandparents will have played a key role in bringing you up, as well as contributing to wider society. This means that they deserve to be treated with respect.

As you make this key decision, there are some warning signs that may indicate that a nursing home is not appropriate.

Trust your instincts

It is beneficial to visit a location before committing to a decision. Online brochures and booklets give you an idea, but they can easily be glamorized. When you visit, consider whether you would be happy to live at the location. Do you get good vibes from the staff? What are the facilities like? Is there a general emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene? These are all factors that will make your loved ones feel at home when they get there.

A history of violations

Nursing home facilities generally cannot engage in malpractice without it going on record. There are a number of search facilities online that allow you to search for a history of violations. It is important to assess whether the violations are minor or severe.

A minor violation may consist of a small administrative error, which did not severely impact the care of residents. More serious violations warrant extra consideration. For example, a resident may not have been given medication when they needed it. If a facility has a pattern of severe violations, then it is probably not the best place for someone you treasure so much.

There are many great nursing home institutions out there and your elderly relatives deserve access to them. If you are facing difficulties with the care of someone vulnerable, be sure to check out your legal options.

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