If you lose consciousness, you have a brain injury

If you lose consciousness, you have a brain injury

The amount that the medical profession knows about brain injuries has increased in recent years, as has the public perception of these injuries. It used to be thought that getting knocked out for a moment was not that serious of an injury, and people would recover quickly. You can see this in sports, such as boxing, but it also carries over into other areas. Someone who got injured in a car accident and hit their head may just say that they “got their bell rung” or something of that nature.

It’s important to point out that these injuries are very serious. Anytime that you lose consciousness, it means that you physically injured your brain. This can happen if there is an open injury and something enters the skull, which is when it’s clear that you’ve been severely injured, but it can also happen with a closed head injury. If you hit your head on the dashboard of your car, for instance, your brain impacts the inside of your skull and that could cause you to lose consciousness.

How serious is a brain injury?

This is really different from case to case. Brain injuries are all unique and the severity can depend on a lot of factors, such as whether you’ve had similar brain injuries in the past, how hard you hit your head, and if there are any other aggravating factors.

The best thing to do if you’ve lost consciousness in an accident is to work with medical professionals to determine exactly what happened and how bad the damage is. You can then determine what types of treatment options are going to give you the best chance to recover fully in time. This can take weeks, months or even years, however, so you need to know about all of your legal options to seek compensation for your losses.

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