How To Keep Your Loved One Safe in a Nursing Home

How To Keep Your Loved One Safe in a Nursing Home

New Mexico has one of the largest senior populations in the United States, making nursing home care particularly urgent. However, many family members worry about an aging parent’s quality of life in these facilities.

These are steps you can take to ensure your loved one’s safety and well-being in a nursing home.

Choose a facility close to where you live

You will want to visit your loved one as often as possible, and a facility close to your home will enable that. During your visit, connecting with your parent’s care team members will demonstrate your active role in ensuring they provide the care you expect from them.

Communicate With Your Parent Regularly

Living in a nursing home can feel isolating when seniors feel cut off from their family members. However, maintaining constant communication by phone or email can help you and your parent maintain a trusting bond that will help you detect when something is wrong.

Involve Your Parent in all Decisions

Elderly nursing home residents want to know that they can maintain a familiar routine and lifestyle away from the home they know. Therefore, it is vital to involve your parents in decision-making that may impact their well-being or comfort. Your parent’s reaction to additional services or changes to their routine could raise red flags about issues requiring investigation.

Hire Someone To Keep an Eye on Your Parent

Hire someone who can be your eyes and ears to ensure your parent’s safety and comfort when you are not there. For example, a nursing or college student may appreciate a side job helping you confirm the staff tends to your parent’s needs while providing companionship.

Nursing homes that betray the trust of residents and their families must be accountable for their failure to protect the state’s most vulnerable residents.

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