2 signs that your senior isn’t happy in their nursing home

2 signs that your senior isn’t happy in their nursing home

Moving your elderly relative into a nursing home is not an easy decision. They’ve played a huge part in your upbringing, demonstrating excellent judgment and unwavering independence.

Unfortunately, the aging process is unavoidable and there may come a point where your loved one requires assistance. So, you spend many months researching the best facilities before finally making a commitment.

No matter which location you opt for, your relative is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Nursing home facilities have both an ethical and legal duty to provide the highest standard of care. Sadly, they do not always honor this arrangement. How can you tell if your elderly relative is unhappy with their new home?

Not living in the present

If your loved one is unhappy in the present, they may resort to living in the past. While tales of the past can be enjoyable to listen to and therapeutic for your family member to tell, a fixation with the past can become unhealthy. It is also a sign that something might be going wrong. It may be an attempt to block out poor conditions or unprofessional conduct from the resident staff.

A shift in body language

Before your relative moved, they may have been outspoken, confident and taken everything in their stride. Has this changed since they moved into the nursing home facility? If a person goes from being extroverted to withdrawn within a short period, it could be a signal that something is amiss. Your loved one should be able to express themselves as normal in their new home. They are there to be helped, not subdued.

The duty of care in nursing homes is taken very seriously in Albuquerque. If you feel that an institution has failed your elderly relative and their actions rise to the level of either neglect or abuse, make sure you look into your legal options.

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