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June 2019 Archives

Using ADAS means fewer traffic accidents, study finds

Residents of New Mexico who are unsure about the benefits of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, may want to consider the results of a study that J.D. Power conducted in 2018. More than half of new car owners claim that ADAS had helped them prevent a car crash within the first 90 days of owning their vehicle.

Nursing homes can prevent wandering in dementia patients

When you met with your parent's doctor, you may have been upset to hear the diagnosis of dementia from Alzheimer's, stroke, Parkinson's disease or another cause. The symptoms related to dementia often progress to the point where the one suffering from the condition can no longer remain in the home without 24-hour care.

List of struggling nursing homes to be released publicly

Nursing homes in New Mexico and throughout the country don't always live up to the standards that are expected of them. Therefore, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, has created the Special Focus Facility program. There are currently 88 slots available in the program, but CMS says that nearly 400 facilities could benefit from being a part of it. After this was revealed in a Senate report, CMS agreed that it would release the list to the public.

Rising demand for elder care and low wages make recipe for abuse

An aging population in New Mexico and nationwide means that society will have to make elder care a priority. By 2050, demographers predict that 88 million people will be over age 65. That figure represents a doubling of the current elderly population. Caring for the elderly has always posed challenges, and the nursing home industry has long been prone to corruption and abuse. The prospects do not look good for the future.

Nursing home abuse victim may have faced multiple assaults

New Mexico residents who are worried about nursing home abuse should be aware of a case where an incapacitated woman gave birth in a health care facility in Arizona. A medical exam found that she had suffered sexual assault. Her attorneys are seeking a settlement for the victim and her parents with the intention of going to court if an agreement can not be reached. A separate case was opened against the health care facility's nurse, who was charged with sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse after a paternity test matched his DNA to the baby.

How health care fraud can affect nursing home residents

Improper, inflated or unlawful medical billing practices are forms of health care fraud that could affect the quality of life of anyone receiving nursing home care in New Mexico. It's nursing home residents with their care funded partially or completely by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance who are especially susceptible to this type of health care fraud.

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