Using ADAS means fewer traffic accidents, study finds

Using ADAS means fewer traffic accidents, study finds

Residents of New Mexico who are unsure about the benefits of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, may want to consider the results of a study that J.D. Power conducted in 2018. More than half of new car owners claim that ADAS had helped them prevent a car crash within the first 90 days of owning their vehicle.

Blind spot alert helped avert an accident for 49% of respondents. This device uses sensors to detect cars in blind spots as well as oncoming traffic when drivers are backing out of parking spaces. Next, 42% claimed that backup cameras and parking sensors had prevented a crash for them. Backup cameras are now standard on all new U.S. vehicles.

The study also mentioned automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning with 35% of respondents crediting either one or the other with preventing crashes. AEB can apply the brakes for drivers who fail to respond to a warning in time. Forward collision warning alerts drivers when they are approaching a vehicle too fast.

These are just a few of the ADAS on the market. There are also devices for centering vehicles in their lanes, warning drivers against an unsignaled turn and detecting pedestrians, bicyclists and large animals. Customers should note, though, that automakers give these devices different names.

Even with ADAS, drivers can choose to become negligent behind the wheel by calling, texting and engaging in other distracting activities. Those injured by the actions of a negligent driver may want to see a car accident lawyer. This state follows the rule of pure comparative negligence, so anyone may file a personal injury claim regardless of the degree of fault. Actually receiving a settlement, though, is another matter. The lawyer may assist with the negotiations or with litigation.

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