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Employment Law

A Powerful Voice For Employee Rights

Laws in New Mexico and throughout the United States give employees certain workplace rights and protect them from a wide variety of discrimination and abuses. However, these protections may not be enforced if the violations are not appropriately reported — ideally with the help of an experienced employment law attorney.

If you are experiencing any type of violation of your rights as an employee, contact us at the Albuquerque law firm of Berenson & Associates, PC. We can stand up for you and help you assert your workplace rights — rights that you deserve to have enforced.

Contact Us — Our Consultations Are Completely Confidential

Our lawyers help people who face adversity such as:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Other workplace harassment
  • Workplace discrimination

Our legal team also helps people who have acted as whistleblowers and have had their employers unfairly retaliate against them for doing so.

Employment law cases can result in financial compensation, but these cases are really about protecting your rights to safe, secure and fair working conditions. If you have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment at your workplace, Berenson & Associates is here to stand up for you.

We understand that employment law disputes are delicate matters. You may be worried about your job security, or about your employer retaliating against you. No matter what happens, we are here for you every step of the way.

Contact our law office today at 505-227-8315 to schedule a confidential consultation about your employment law case. You can also email us your contact information via our secure online form.