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Car Accidents

Compassionate, Experienced Representation For Accident Victims

For many of us in New Mexico, driving is such an integral part of our daily routine that we often do not think about the potential for danger on the roads. While most car trips are uneventful, you can never truly predict when a routine drive will lead to a car accident. At Berenson & Associates, PC in Albuquerque, our attorneys help people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

While occasional fender benders may be simple annoyances, other car accidents can involve high-impact crashes and result in catastrophic injuries. All it takes is a drunk driver behind the wheel or someone who is distracted by texting while driving for an individual’s life to turn upside down.

Turn To A Law Firm That Will Stand By You

If you have been injured due to a negligent, reckless or careless driver, you don’t have to deal with your injuries alone. An experienced Albuquerque car accident lawyer at Berenson & Associates is ready to work hard for you and help you fight for the compensation you need to recover.

Our firm assists people who have been injured:

Our lead attorney is a certified accident reconstructionist, so our legal team can provide unique insight into how accidents occur and shine a light on liability.

We are ready to fight for you

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