Why it’s important to be involved in your parents nursing home

Why it’s important to be involved in your parents nursing home

There are many horrific stories of loved ones suffering abuse at the hands of their caretakers. It pains many adult children to discover the mistreatment of their mothers, fathers and grandparents. The slightest hint of something not feeling right, can be the beginning of uncovering nursing home abuse or patterns of unlawful practices.

Injustice is intolerable at any level of vulnerability and the elderly are often among the most disregarded population groups. Therefore, one of the best ways of preventing mistreatment is showing active involvement.

Strength in numbers

The adage of strength in numbers applies to showing caretakers the larger family picture connected to your loved one. This applies to parent-classroom involvement and engagement in nursing homes or assisted living facilities as well. Anytime people in authority over the environment where your loved one is, sees the larger picture, it establishes a sense of accountability. Your loved one is no longer just another person to feed and look after daily. Nursing home staff and management know that you care deeply about him or her.

Awareness to how things work

You will show by your actions that you are watching out for their best interests when you visit and get involved. Being present in your loved one’s life will also help you develop an awareness to any patterns that appear off. Perhaps you notice that the staff are not following the schedule as much anymore. Or you see mistreatment with other patients in the facility. These things can clue you in to possible malpractice or prevent it from happening to your loved one altogether.

There is always legal help whenever a loved one is being mistreated by a nursing home facility of any kind. Men and women deserve to have peace and love surround them during their most vulnerable years. Family members can make this happen by showing up and speaking up.

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