What to look for when choosing a nursing home

What to look for when choosing a nursing home

Selecting a nursing home for your loved one is no easy task. Every nursing home offers different levels of care, and it can be hard to know the place you are considering is right for your parent. Thankfully there are signs you can look out for while you are touring nursing homes.

You may not consider any of your potential nursing home care choices to be a threat to your loved one, but an estimated 10% of elderly patients suffer some form of abuse in a nursing home. Here are some signs of abuse in nursing homes:

Upset or frightened residents

If the many residents of a nursing care home appear to be scared, confused, or fearful, it may result from abuse in a home. When touring a home, keep an eye out for other residents and how they behave around you and the staff.

Resident hygiene

If the residents have unkempt nails, hair, or teeth, the staff may not provide the level of care the residents deserve. Regular nail, hair, and teeth care are essential for residents. If you notice excessive dirt under the nails, unclean teeth, or uncut hair, it can indicate neglect in the nursing home.

Absent caregivers

If it is consistently hard to find a caregiver, or if there are not many that are present during your tour of the home, they may not be able to react with the proper amount of staff in case of an emergency. It can also be problematic in events calling for multiple caregivers, such as lifting a patient in and out of bed.

Trust your instincts

If a nursing home does not feel safe for your loved one, do not ignore that feeling. Consult with local medical professionals or nurses for insight about which nursing homes are right for your loved one. You can also talk to an elder law attorney for their knowledge of the subject.

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