What to know about cameras in a nursing home

What to know about cameras in a nursing home

Unfortunately, some nursing home patients in New Mexico get hurt or suffer from negligent care providers. In some cases, it’s difficult to find out about negligence or abuse because the patients have dementia or similar issues. One way to keep tabs on a loved one in a care facility is to put a camera in his or her room.

In states such as Illinois and Oklahoma, cameras can be placed in a room as long as the resident and any roommates give their consent. In states such as New York and Pennsylvania, there are no laws on the books regarding cameras in nursing homes. While some state governments generally approve of the use of cameras to protect resident safety, care providers don’t necessarily want them. The CEO of the Health Care Association of New Jersey said that he wouldn’t recommend just giving them to anyone who asked.

He did say that an exception could be made for law enforcement if there was probable cause to suspect abuse or neglect. Other concerns have been raised about using cameras in a room. For instance, some wonder if they would ever be turned off and why that would happen. Furthermore, cameras may not catch abuse that takes place outside of a resident’s room.

If an assisted living or other type of care facility fails to meet a patient’s needs, it could rise to the level of negligence. For example, medical records might show that a patient was given the wrong medication or the wrong dose of medication. Photo or video evidence may show that negligence was the reason for a failure to prevent bedsores. With legal assistance, family members may obtain compensation on the victim’s behalf.

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