What rights do nursing home residents have?

What rights do nursing home residents have?

Many Albuquerque residents have had to make the difficult decision of placing a loved one in a skilled nursing facility. Unfortunately, the time comes for many older people where they are no longer able to safely care for themselves. Nursing homes are places that can safely house these residents and make sure their needs are met. Families may be concerned that their loved ones will be the victim of nursing home neglect. But these residents do have important rights.

Privacy rights

A New Mexico nursing home resident is entitled to emotional and physical privacy. This privacy extends to their living arrangements, personal needs, and their medical records.

Communication rights

Nursing home residents have the right to have unrestrained access to family members, their attorney, their doctors, and other individuals.

Freedom from abuse

Of course, a nursing home has the right to not be the victim of physical or emotional abuse. In addition, chemical or physical restraints cannot be used unless advised by a physician. This abuse includes bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition, and sexual assault.

A legal professional who has experience with cases of nursing home abuse understands how difficult it is for a family to place their loved one in a nursing home. They can help a family who believes their loved one has suffered from unthinkable harm. An attorney understands that the family’s loved one is a vulnerable adult that deserves to be protected. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the abuse and ensure that whoever caused the abuse is held accountable. A family may have the legal right to recover compensation for the abuse.

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