What proves wrongful death in nursing homes

What proves wrongful death in nursing homes

There are many varieties of wrongful death. Patients in nursing homes who pass on due to neglect belong in this personal injury category.

Family members of victims may sue the care facility responsible for the loss of their loved one. Winning in court hinges on whether causation is provable. Litigants must show judge and jury hard evidence tying the tragedy to the defendants.

Medical records

One way of connecting death to a caregiver is with documentation of treatment. An instruction directing a patient to take too much medicine, for example, is damning. A handwriting analyst may be able to provide testimony supporting a particular accusation.


There is no denying the impact of visuals. Pictures showing bruising and starvation may be what helps win a case. Loved ones should snap photos of any symptoms they find disturbing. Once someone is gone, taking them becomes impossible.


Nursing homes have security cameras for protection. Their footage may capture abuse in action. A legal representative may be able to secure and then review relevant videos. This individual should act with haste before the facility can overwrite recordings.


Patients and staff members are sometimes witnesses to abusive behavior. Securing their testimony could bolster the odds of winning. If an observer cannot appear during the trial, a written account may be enough.

We may not think of nursing homes as locations where wrongful deaths occur, yet they are. Adequate proof can convince a courtroom of that fact and trigger a verdict in favor of the litigant.

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