What are the dangers of a road rash?

What are the dangers of a road rash?

Motorcycle accidents can cause extreme injuries for the rider. As motorcyclists do not have the same protection of a passenger in a car, they tend to receive the brunt of the injuries in a collision.

One of the most damaging injuries motorcyclists might receive in a crash is road rash. Road rashes – also known as skin abrasions – occur when motorcyclists fall onto the road and are dragged against the rough pavement, resulting in severe scrapes on the skin.

Occasionally, these scrapes may not be very serious and will heal over a few days. However, more severe road rashes can cause infections and severe muscle or nerve damage.

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s crucial that you seek medical care immediately to determine whether any skin abrasions are serious. If you have an infected road rash, you might notice the following symptoms:

  • Pain increases continuously after the accident
  • There is swelling around the wound
  • There is increased redness around the wound
  • The wound develops pus or draining fluids
  • You develop flu-like symptoms like a fever or body aches

If you experience any of these symptoms, it might be a sign that your road rash has become infected. You should seek medical attention at once to prevent the infection from spreading further.

There are also three types of road rashes that every motorcyclist should know:

  • First-degree – This type of abrasion is typically mild and involves damage to the first layer of skin. These kinds of scrapes may not bleed at all or will only bleed for a little while and will generally heal quickly.
  • Second-degree – Second-degree rashes will damage both the first and second layers of skin. It can result in exposed muscle or tendons and will exhibit bleeding and swelling. Scarring may occur as the wound heals.
  • Third-degree – The most severe kind of abrasion is also known as an avulsion wound. This kind of road rash will penetrate more deeply and may even expose the bone. They will result in heavy bleeding, swelling, and can cause significant damage to your nerves and muscles. Avulsion wounds may cause intense scarring or even deformation.

The more critical types of road rashes require immediate medical attention. If you’re in an accident while riding your motorcycle and you receive any kind of skin abrasion, you must have a doctor assess the severity of your wounds. Road rashes might not always be severe, but when they are, they can be life-altering. You must treat any injuries as soon as possible to prevent infections or other severe bodily damage.

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