What are some forms of financial exploitation?

What are some forms of financial exploitation?

Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable people in New Mexico. When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you want assurance that you’re placing them in a safe, comfortable place where the employees will take care of them. Unfortunately, some nursing home employees use their status to take advantage of the residents.

What is financial exploitation?

Nursing home abuse has three aspects: emotional abuse, physical abuse and financial exploitation. Many nursing home residents have accumulated lots of assets over their lifetimes. As a result, a nursing home employee might try to manipulate them into spending their money or signing it off to someone else.

One common example involves tricking a nursing home resident into signing a different version of their will that leaves all their money to the perpetrator. They might also trick the resident into signing a property deed or another document that gives the perpetrator ownership over their assets. Similarly, they might convince the resident to spend money on something that benefits the perpetrator in some way.

Financial exploitation could also involve getting a resident’s personal information and transferring the money to the perpetrator’s savings account. It might also involve stealing money or valuables that other people gave them. Some people go as far as to threaten the resident if they don’t sign over their money or assets. Family members might notice that the resident’s valuables seem to be disappearing and they’ve become reluctant to talk about finances.

If you believe that your loved one has been financially exploited, get in touch with a nursing home neglect attorney. They could help you hold the perpetrator accountable.

What are some other signs of nursing home abuse?

Not all nursing home abuse involves finances. Some forms of abuse involve neglect, manipulation, emotional abuse and even physical violence. If you notice any sudden changes in your loved one’s behavior, you might want to talk to an attorney. Your loved one might not have the capacity to talk about the issue. An attorney could help you uncover whatever’s going on and hold the facility accountable for the crimes.

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