Truck accident injuries may require vicarious liability claim

Truck accident injuries may require vicarious liability claim

A truck accident can leave you with catastrophic injuries. If you or a loved one are in this position, then you’re probably facing some very daunting uncertainties. Your physical health has probably been seriously impacted and your mobility limited. Your emotional well-being also might be in jeopardy, understandably, so, too, given the oftentimes overwhelming hardships that come with catastrophic injuries. As if all of that isn’t enough, you’re probably also dealing with insurmountable financial losses. Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs can quickly mount, leaving you struggling to make ends meet at a time when you are unable to work.

The good news is that you might be able to recover compensation for your losses through a personal injury lawsuit against the trucker who caused the accident and your injuries. However, even if you are successful here, you might not recover enough money to cover all of your losses given that they are probably pretty significant. This can leave you in a difficult position. However, you probably have another option available to you.

A vicarious liability claim seeks to hold an employer accountable for the negligent actions, or inactions, of its employee. This means that if you can show that the negligent trucker in question was performing job duties while on the clock, and that he or she wasn’t detouring from a standardized route, then you might be able to demonstrate that the employer was benefiting from the actions occurring at the time of the accident, which would render it liable. If you’re able to impose vicarious liability, then you’ll probably be able to reach deeper pockets to secure the resources you deserve to obtain the medical treatment and financial stability you need.

Facing off against a negligent trucker can be stressful enough, but these personal injury cases can become even more confrontational once truck companies and their insurers are involved. You need to be able to gather evidence, build a compelling legal strategy, and stand strong in the face of aggressive defense attorneys. If you think you could benefit from some assistance with this, then it might be time to seek out legal assistance of your own.

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