The causes of fatalities on the highways

The causes of fatalities on the highways

Car accidents are a regular occurrence on America’s highways, and many of them turn out to be fatal as well. There are many different factors that can cause deadly accidents. Drivers in New Mexico will want to be aware of some of the most common causes of fatal car crashes.

First of all, anyone can be involved in an accident, though the chances of a fatality decrease if the driver wears a seatbelt and maintains the airbag system. Negligence is arguably the No. 1 cause of accidents. Some drivers can succumb to road rage and make irrational decisions while others may pose a risk by driving drowsily.

Distractions are more prevalent than ever with smartphones and in-car entertainment systems enticing many people to try and multitask behind the wheel. Even eating and adjusting the radio can divert one’s attention from the road and raise the chances of an accident. Impaired driving is a serious offense whether the substance consumed is alcohol, certain medications or illegal drugs. The resulting intoxication can impair judgment, reflexes and other abilities necessary for driving.

Sometimes drivers may carelessly maneuver through defects in highway design, such as tight curves. Narrow shoulders and blind intersections may also set the scene for an accident. Rain and snow will obscure vision and make the roads wet, increasing the odds that drivers lose control.

When car crashes take place because of a driver’s negligence, victims may have the grounds to file an injury claim. The families of those who die in accidents could also file wrongful death suits. For these claims to be successful, though, it’s essential to retain a lawyer. Attorneys can usually bring in investigators to gather all the proof of negligence, and they can handle all negotiations with the defendant’s auto insurance company. Victims can discuss litigation with their lawyers if negotiations fail.

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