Reporting elder abuse in New Mexico

Reporting elder abuse in New Mexico

Elderly adults deserve to be happy at the end of their life. Sadly, not everyone is, especially if they’re facing abuse at their assisted living facility.

According to a recent report, nearly 5 million residents face some form of abuse in U.S. nursing homes. When older adults get treated like this, it can create significant hardship for them and their families.

Luckily, there are ways for people to report these unacceptable and negligent practices.

Here in New Mexico, citizens have a legal duty of care to report any person or institution they believe is mistreating an incapacitated adult. Once they gather the necessary evidence, they should provide what they have to local officials.

How to report elder abuse

In many cases, nursing home administrators don’t always fix the problem. If this happens, caretakers of older adults may have to confront matters themselves. These are some of the steps they may need to take:

  • Get statements from those who witnessed mistreatment.
  • Obtain descriptions and photographs related to the alleged abuse.
  • Collect statements from the victim’s medical providers.
  • Check the older adult’s bank account for suspicious activity.

For matters that require immediate attention, caretakers should contact local law enforcement officials. If necessary, they can even have the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office to investigate the case.

Reporting should be continuous

After taking all the proper reporting steps, loved ones and guardians should continue reporting information to those assisting their case and local authorities. That way, they can make sure their loved ones can find a facility that offers them the treatment they deserve.

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