Red flags to watch for when evaluating nursing homes

Red flags to watch for when evaluating nursing homes

Deciding to place a loved one into nursing home care is a difficult choice that many American families must make. However, doing so helps ensure your loved one receives care and protection in a safe, clean environment.

Once the decision is final, your next step will be to find a suitable facility. This is usually the point when most people begin to feel intimidated. They want to prioritize quality care and safety but do not know how to evaluate nursing homes.

Investigate the homes on your shortlist

You can learn much by looking into the background of nursing homes. The federal government offers free services for obtaining information on these facilities. Three factors that could signal the possible risk of nursing home abuse and neglect include:

  • Frequent changes in management
  • High employee turnover rate
  • Volume and type of complaints filed against the facility

Always visit the nursing homes on your shortlist, preferably without an appointment. An in-person visit gives you a glimpse into everyday operations. If you spot the following issues, consider looking elsewhere:

  • Dirty and unkempt residents
  • Dirty and unsanitary environment
  • Persistent odor of excrement and urine
  • Slow staff response to calls from residents

Once you find a nursing home that raises no red flags and get your loved one settled in, keep a watchful eye on them. Visit them often at the facility and watch for signs of abuse and neglect.

If a family member suffered mistreatment in a facility, it’s wise to seek experienced legal guidance to seek a solution and the chance to hold the responsible parties accountable are within your reach.

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