Recognize a wrongful death in a nursing home

Recognize a wrongful death in a nursing home

When someone you love is in a nursing home, it’s likely because they can no longer take care of themselves. That could mean that they’re elderly or suffering from a serious health condition requiring around-the-clock care.

Unfortunately, not all nursing homes provide the care and service that you would expect. As a result, it’s possible that your loved one could develop illnesses or worsen while in the nursing home’s care. If they pass away due to negligence or mistakes, they are a victim of a wrongful death.

How do you recognize a wrongful death in a nursing home?

Since many people in nursing homes are ill or elderly, it may not be surprising when they pass away. However, there are some signs that your loved one may have passed too soon due to neglect or errors. Some of the red flags may include:

  • Unexpected sudden worsening of symptoms
  • Evidence of malnutrition
  • A fall leading to death
  • Evidence of dehydration leading to death
  • Poor records of the issues leading to your loved one’s death
  • Conflicting stories about how your loved one died
  • Evidence of bedsores or untreated wounds

If you are not sure if your loved one’s death was from natural causes or due to neglect, abuse or mistakes, it’s important for you to investigate. If the nursing home’s staff did not take care of them in accordance with the medical field’s standards, then you may be able to pursue a claim. You’ll want to learn more about nursing home abuse and neglect, so you can decide on the next steps to take in your situation.

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