Reasons Your Airbag Might Not Deploy

Reasons Your Airbag Might Not Deploy

An unfortunate but common scenario in a vehicle accident is when an airbag does not deploy in a vehicle accident. You should feel confident when you enter your vehicle that your airbags will deploy and help decrease the injuries suffered during an accident, but unfortunately this is not always the case. In some cases however, the airbags do not deploy based on the lack of severity of the accident.

Since the airbag system is controlled by a computer system and responds to sensors, the severity and the location of an accident will send specific messages to the computer. This signal will determine whether the air bags will deploy or not. Here are some general guidelines for whether the airbag will deploy:

  • Between 8mph and 14mph, airbags may or may not deploy
  • Below 8mph, airbags must never deploy
  • Front airbags are not designed to deploy during a side impact or rollover accident
  • Side airbags will not deploy unless the force is strong enough to trigger the system

Types of Accidents Where the Airbag Should NOT Deploy

There are some cases where it is likely safer for your airbags to not deploy upon impact. Keep in mind that airbags deploy at around 200mph and this is not a force you should be exposed to unless it is crucial to your health and survival. For instance, your frontal air bags should not deploy in cases of side impact, rear impact, or rollovers.

Here are some other cases in which your airbags should not deploy:

  • Minor front accidents
  • Impact to the under carriage (in most cases)
  • Impact with an animal
  • Impact with street curbs
  • Driving on rough roads

Why Did My Airbag Not Deploy?

In many cases, the accident was simply not the type in which the airbag would provide any help to you or the passengers. In other cases, however, there may be a defect that prevented the sensors from properly detect the crash. In some cases, the quality control efforts were not enough to prevent the defective sensors from being used within a vehicle. In other cases, too few sensors were used to detect a crash.

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