Reasons that larger cars are more dangerous

Reasons that larger cars are more dangerous

Larger vehicles pose a risk on the road. This risk is not necessarily to those within these vehicles, but to those around them. It’s been found that larger vehicles tend to cause more injuries and inflict more damage.

The general reason for this is simply the physics involved in a car accident. But let’s break down some of the specifics so that drivers can better understand the risks that they face.

The issue of weight

First and foremost, larger vehicles tend to weigh more. In any collision between two objects, the object with the greater mass is going to transfer more energy into the other object. In a car accident, this transfer of energy means that those in a smaller vehicle could have more severe injuries.

The issue of height

The second issue is that these vehicles tend to be taller. When two vehicles collide bumper to bumper, that is usually safest for all of the occupants. But if one vehicle is tall enough to slide up over the hood of the other, this can cause a much more dangerous accident known as an underride collision.

They may have more blindspots

Finally, larger vehicles sometimes have big blind spots that can hide cars around them. This may not increase the severity of a crash, but it can delay reactions and directly cause the accident to occur. Blind spots are often a major issue with semi-trucks on the interstate, for example.

Those who have been seriously injured in car accidents need to know how to seek financial compensation from the parties who are responsible. This compensation can be used to help cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages and more.

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