Negligent care can lead to bedsores

Negligent care can lead to bedsores

Pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bedsores, are a serious medical condition that often affects nursing home residents subjected to substandard care. The following is a brief overview of bedsores, their causes and their complications.

What are bedsores?

Bedsores are a skin injury that takes place when pressure is placed on an area of skin for a long time. Bony areas, such as hips and tailbones are particularly susceptible to contracting bedsores. Some symptoms of bedsores include changes in skin color, temperature and texture; swelling in the area of the injury; pus in the area of the injury; and pain in the affected area.

What are some complications of bedsores?

Some bedsores are treatable, but other times a bedsore will never completely heal. For example, a person could develop an infection of the skin (cellulitis) or bone and joint infections. Cancer and sepsis can also develop from long-term wounds that do not heal.

How does negligence cause bedsores?

If a person is left lying in bed or chair without being moved periodically, they can develop bedsores. In addition to immobility, poor nutrition and dehydration can cause bedsores. Bedsores can also result from poor skin care. Residents of nursing homes who are bed bound and not periodically turned, bathed or who are provided with substandard nutrition and hydration can develop bedsores.

Bedsores are a serious medical condition that with the right care could often be prevented. If your loved one suffered bedsores due to inadequate care at a Albuquerque area nursing home, you may want to determine what your legal options are moving forward.

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