Key tips for recognizing and preventing bedsores

Key tips for recognizing and preventing bedsores

When you drop off a loved one at a nursing home, you expect him or her to get the best care possible. You hope that he or she receives the same type of care he or she would get at home with you. Unfortunately, many nursing homes neglect their residents, causing them physical, mental and emotional discomfort. If no one visits the resident for a while, that abuse could go undiscovered for a long time. You should do everything in your power to visit your loved one in a nursing home as much as possible so that you can keep an eye on things and make sure everything is OK. One type of nursing home neglect to look out for is the appearance of bedsores.

What, exactly, are bedsores?

Bedsores are, essentially, injuries to the skin that result from an extended amount of pressure being put on a specific area of the body. They usually show up on areas of the body where the skin is covering a bony section. This includes the ankles, hips, heels and tailbone. Bedsores mostly show up in people who have to lay in bed all the time due to medical conditions. Bedsores can show up as quickly as an hour or as long as several days. They usually heal when they’re treated, but some never heal. Signs of bedsores include skin color or texture changes, swollen areas of the skin, skin tenderness, and pus-like draining.

How can you prevent bedsores?

Shifting your loved one’s body weight regularly can help prevent bedsores. Special wheelchairs that are tiltable may help prevent the sores. Pressure-relieving mattresses and cushions also help cut down on the incidence of bedsores. Nursing homes that take patient care seriously take these measures, and more, to make sure that their patients don’t develop bedsores. Nursing homes that don’t do this are guilty of nursing home neglect.

Recourse for nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect is devastating for the victims, often making their existing medical conditions even worse. These individuals, or their loved ones, should turn to an experienced attorney for assistance with pursuing lawsuits.

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