Former Cibola High basketball star killed in car crash

Former Cibola High basketball star killed in car crash

Tragedy has struck on New Mexico’s roadways. Zach Mascarenas, a former standout basketball player at Cibola high school, was traveling along highway 40 when his BMW collided with a pickup truck near the Carnuel exit. The 18-year-old was found dead at the scene.

Mascarenas averaged 12.4 points, 4.2 rebounds, 2.4 assists for the Cougars during his senior year. In addition to being a standout on the court, he was also a prodigious student. He began taking college credits in high school and even interned at Los Alamos National Laboratory this last summer.

“He was never an arrogant kid,” a former basketball coach told the Albuquerque Journal. “He could score 30 points and just smile and enjoy it and everyone was patting him on his back. Or the next game, he could be guarding the best player on the other team and score two points. He didn’t care about being out front and center.”

Far too many impacted

Those involved in a serious car accident often still feel the effects long after its over. For those that survive, permanent disabilities, medical debt, and unemployment may all be part of a new reality, putting incredible strain on the victim and their family.

For many, filing a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible is the first step back to normalcy. A successful lawsuit may result in a considerable financial award, making life more tolerable for the victim and their loved ones.

Of course, deciding to file a lawsuit is never easy. There are many variables at play and one’s family should always be consulted.

If legal action is pursued, the first step is talking with an experienced car accident lawyer. A good lawyer is more than just a professional that argues in court, they offer their client trusted advice in a time of great need. If the client decides to pursue litigation, the lawyer can develop a legal strategy that prioritizes the client’s unique objectives.

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