Even one passenger can distract a teen driver

Even one passenger can distract a teen driver

Teens driving on New Mexico roads and others throughout the country may have a harder time dealing with distractions. Therefore, it may not be a good idea for young drivers to have passengers in their vehicles. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), teen drivers have a 44% greater chance of getting into an accident when they aren’t riding alone. Therefore, parents shouldn’t rely on their newly licensed drivers to provide rides for their siblings.

In some cases, it can be more dangerous for a teenager to drive with a sibling in the car. This is because a brother or sister may know how to get an emotional reaction from the person tasked with getting them to a destination safely. It is never a good idea for anyone to drive when excited, anxious or upset for any reason.

Teens also shouldn’t be allowed to drive a date home or ride with friends to school. Parents should be aware that their sons and daughters can be at risk if they are the passengers in a vehicle. Therefore, they should learn more about with whom their children are riding, where they are going and when a trip will occur. Generally speaking, driving at night is more dangerous for younger drivers because they have less experience doing so.

If a distracted driver causes an accident, he or she is generally liable for damages a victim may incur. Injured victims may have medical bills or lost wages that may be included as part of a settlement or jury award in a personal injury case. In some cases, both drivers will be held liable for their actions before the accident took place. However, an attorney will likely take steps to maximize the chances an individual obtains a favorable outcome.

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