Esurance studies prevalence of distracted driving

Esurance studies prevalence of distracted driving

Drivers in New Mexico are probably aware that distracted driving is a common hazard on the road, and it may not be just from other drivers. A new study from Esurance, the insurance company, shows that distracted driving is more prevalent than some think. Even those who claimed that they rarely drove distracted were found in the study to engage in distracting behavior.

Out of the more than 1,000 drivers who participated in the Esurance survey, over 90 percent said they considered texting, emailing and browsing for apps to be distracting, yet more than half of those with a daily commute admitted to engaging in these activities. The study claims that the longer the commute, the greater the chance of distracted driving. It also claims that drivers of newer vehicles are more prone to distractions because of the various safety and entertainment features they come with.

Phones remain a major distraction, but the advanced driver assistance systems that are found on many newer vehicles, such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot alerts and collision avoidance systems, may also be contributing. While half of the surveyed participants felt that this technology improved their driving, 10 percent felt it gave them a false sense of security.

Distracted driving accounts for at least 10 percent of all car crashes in the U.S. The victims of such accidents may be able to see if they have a valid claim by consulting with a lawyer. Accident attorneys might hire investigators to find evidence against the negligent driver and bring in other professionals to help in estimating a fair settlement that covers vehicle damage, medical care, and other losses. Attorneys may handle all negotiations and litigate as a last resort.

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