Documenting a car crash as soon as it occurs

Documenting a car crash as soon as it occurs

There are several steps that New Mexico car crash victims will want to take immediately after the incident, however shaken up they may be. Accurately documenting the collision can help the police write up their incident report and can clear the way for victims to file their insurance claims.

First, both parties will want to take care of any emergencies. A 911 call should be made if someone needs immediate medical attention. The vehicles should be moved if they are blocking traffic or creating some other hazard; otherwise the crash scene should be left as it is. Both parties will want to write down their recollection of events. They can then begin the process of physical documentation.

This means photographing vehicle damage, visible injuries, skid marks and any damaged objects like trees and light poles. It also means listing all personal belongings that may have gone missing or been damaged. Both parties should write down how they are feeling, too, since even a minor ache or pain could turn into a serious condition later on. It is important to gather witness testimony as well, taking a neutral stance all the while even when the testimony differs from one’s own. Drivers should take down witnesses’ name and number. Once the police arrive, people should cooperate with them but never admit guilt.

When a crash is caused by a drunk, drowsy, speeding or distracted driver, occupants of other vehicles often sustain serious injuries that require extensive and costly medical care and treatment. They might want to have the help of an attorney when attempting to seek compensation for their losses.

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