Do not shop and drive this holiday

Do not shop and drive this holiday

The holiday season is upon us again. For many, this means countless trips to different stores in search of gifts for everybody on your list. For others, it means hours at a computer shopping online. Whichever way you prefer to shop, just do not do both at the same time.

As if texting and driving did not cause enough distracted driving accidents, people are now browsing the digital aisles on their way to the physical aisles. It may sound crazy, but according to a recent report by CNBC, a growing number of people are shopping on their smartphones while driving.

The news outlet explained that a survey released by auto insurance provider Root Insurance showed that one third of all drivers who admitted to using their phones while driving were using them to shop. Within that group, 83 percent of the shoppers said they did so during the holidays.

It is a well-known fact that using a mobile device while driving is extremely dangerous. Most states have banned the use of phones while driving. In New Mexico specifically it is illegal for all drivers to text and drive, and anyone with a permit or intermediate driver’s license may not use their phones at all.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, speak to a skilled attorney right away. They will do everything in their power to help you recover the damages needed to cover medical bills, vehicle repair and many other expenses.

Estimations vary, but approximately 300,000 auto accidents occur each year as a result of drivers using their mobile phones. Adding the bustle of impatient drivers trying to finish holiday errands, potentially wet or frosty roads and fewer hours of daylight, and the risk of accidents raises sharply.

Many shopping apps give a sense of urgency. Push notifications and other alerts notify users of new deals and specials on items they have shown interest in. While certainly not safe or acceptable, having a constant reminder of what one is missing out on at least gives some amount of insight on why drivers may choose to shop on their way to a shopping center.

Stay safe while on the road this season. Facing the tragedy of an auto accident is the last thing anyone wants this holiday. Remember to keep all mobile devices turned off and out of reach while heading out to do holiday shopping or visit family.

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