Common signs of nursing home abuse

Common signs of nursing home abuse

The staff at New Mexico nursing homes have an obligation to provide quality care. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Those who have placed there loved ones in a nursing home or similar facility may be able to find clues that abuse is taking place. For instance, an individual may be sleepy or confused because of a bad reaction to a medication.

Some residents develop skin problems because of too much time sitting in their own waste. This can be a sign that a person has not been cared for in a timely manner or is being ignored completely. Other signs of untimely care include increased body odor, unwashed hair or overgrown finger nails. Bruises, broken bones and other injuries may be the result of being handled inappropriately during feeding times or when being given medication.

Those who don’t talk as much or show interest in their favorite activities may be kept isolated from others at the facility. Individuals may also refuse to talk because they are scared of the potential negative consequences of doing so. Residents who are not fed or given access to adequate amounts of water could lose weight, have cracked lips or show other signs of malnutrition.

If a nursing home acts in a negligent manner, it could be possible to file a lawsuit against the facility. A lawsuit may result in compensation being awarded to the victim’s family. Compensation may help pay for medical bills or other costs related to the neglect of a nursing home patient. Punitive damages may also be awarded in an abuse case.

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