Common causes of car accidents

Common causes of car accidents

Getting into a crash can present challenges that never existed before. This includes dealing with the damage that your vehicle faced as well as mild to serious injuries.

Fortunately, all drivers can work toward reducing the amount of accidents that take place in New Mexico. One place to start is by reviewing the root cause of crashes. Being reckless, under the influence, ignoring speed limit signage and not being careful in poor weather conditions can all lead to a dangerous collision.

Distracted driving

There are three main ways a driver can lose sight of the road ahead due to an activity that preoccupies their attention. These are distractions that require a driver’s vision, like making eye contact while talking to a passenger; distractions that require the use of a driver’s hand, like texting, eating or changing radio stations; and distractions that require a driver’s mental space, like daydreams. Giving the road your undivided attention can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. As it only takes seconds to cover a lot of ground.

Impaired driving

It probably comes as no surprise that getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to very traumatic accident. Some typical side effects of alcohol are clouded judgement, blurry vision and limited coordination — all of which are ways to mess with the regular flow of traffic and create an emergency scene. On the other hand, it might be shocking to hear that several prescription medications and even sleepiness can also impair one’s driving too.

Speeding and reckless driving

Speeding and other forms of reckless driving also cause many car accidents. Since speeding increases a vehicle’s stopping distance, disobeying the speed limit only increases an individual’s chance of being unable to stop in time when coming across a hazard. And engaging in careless driving, like giving into road rage or running stop signs, is a selfish way to go about driving. Only looking out for yourself and forgetting you share the road puts you and everyone around you in danger.


Something that is less out of a motorist’s control is whatever surprise weather conditions that can happen. For example, rain can create slick conditions and decrease visibility. So, it’s up to drivers to monitor conditions before heading out and to pull over if they ever feel like their safety is out of their own hands and in the hands of Mother Nature.

There are many other ways that accidents can unpredictably unfold. But no matter what events led you or a loved one to become a car accident victim, fair compensation could be around the corner.

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