Choosing the right nursing home: 3 tips

Choosing the right nursing home: 3 tips

It’s not an easy decision to place your elderly relative in a nursing home or assisted living facility, but it is often in their best interests. Such facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of those who require assistance every day. A desirable nursing home will be comfortable for your relative while offering them the care that they need.

Nursing homes have a legal duty to provide a high standard of care, and this is something that they usually take very seriously. However, there are occasions when nursing homes can fail in this regard. Choosing the right nursing home for your family member is a crucial decision and it takes a lot of consideration. Hopefully, the following tips should help you along the way.

1. Think about your loved one’s specific needs

Your relative might retain much of their independence and not need that much support. For instance, they may just be a little forgetful about taking their medication. A nursing home can come up with a schedule that ensures they take their medication on time each day. Nonetheless, the needs of your family members may be more extensive than this. They might require a lot of help carrying out daily tasks such as bathing, getting dressed as well as eating and drinking. Some nursing homes are more equipped to deal with extensive requirements. This is certainly something you want to consider while deliberating.

2. Visit the institution several times

A good nursing home will be secure, yet open and transparent to prospective residents and their families. You should be able to book an appointment to have a look around the building, the grounds and the facilities. Ideally, you’ll do this more than once to ensure that high standards are consistently maintained.

3. Do your research online

Nursing homes also have reviews online as well as records of any issues such as complaints, hygiene warnings and malpractice from staff. Government websites have search facilities that allow you to carry out due diligence before coming to a final decision.

Researching nursing facilities prior to placing your relatives there can help to prevent neglect and abuse. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough. If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, be sure to look into your legal options.

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