Can crush injuries lead to amputation?

Can crush injuries lead to amputation?

You suffered a crush injury when an out-of-control driver could not stop their vehicle in time to prevent crashing into you as you walked down the street. The vehicle hit you and pushed you against a wall, crushing both of your legs.

Some crush injuries can be repaired. Other crush injuries are so severe that doctors have no choice but to amputate the injured limb or limbs. This is what happened to you — the severity of the crush injuries was so extensive that repairing your legs was not possible.

When life changes so drastically, your future can be uncertain

During your amputation surgery, the surgeon removed all injured tissue. Now, you are in a rehabilitation facility, learning new ways of getting around. Once you’ve healed enough, you will also need to be fitted for prosthetics and learn to adapt to those – and that means learning how to walk all over again.

Amputees like you have to learn new ways of doing basic tasks. You may need modifications to your home or car to accommodate your disability. Like some amputees, you may also find that returning to work could be impossible. Even your interpersonal relationships could be negatively affected by the changes to your body – and your mental state may also suffer from the trauma and stress of the situation.

When a negligent driver’s mistake wrecks your life – not just their car – you have every right to expect fair compensation for your losses. When the losses you’ve suffered are catastrophic, it’s wise to have experienced guidance to help you through your claims process so that you get everything you possibly can.

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