Attorney Berenson, President of Governing Amy Biehl High School Board

Attorney Berenson, President of Governing Amy Biehl High School Board

Attorney Rachel Berenson of Berenson & Associates, PC has always been known throughout Albuquerque and all of New Mexico as being a personal injury lawyer with a plan. Every case that she approaches is meticulously studied and researched so that her clients stand the best chance possible, either in out-of-court mediation or courtroom litigation. It is perhaps due to her dedication, knowledgeability, and forward-thinking that she has been chosen as the Board Chair/President of Amy Biehl High School’s governing board.

Amy Biehl Charter Highschool – or just ABHS – is a highly-appraised educational institution in central Albuquerque. Focused on community and truly giving students the tools needed to succeed in their adult lives, ABHS is continually thinking up new special events and ways to perfect the curriculum. Attorney Berenson hopes to continue and improve this tradition through her time spent as Board Chair.

Get to Know Rachel Berenson

With a Juris Doctorate from Hamline University Law School in St. Paul, Minnesota and multiple professional memberships – including State Bar of New Mexico and National Association of Trial Attorneys – Attorney Rachel Berenson stands out in the field of legal practice. In particular, when she founded her firm, she wanted to provide a more-comfortable, more-personalized client experience than anywhere else. Part of this objective includes a focus on mediation whenever it makes sense, for mediation can save clients significantly in time, energy, and money.

To go above and beyond what is expected of a personal injury lawyer, Rachel has gained a certification in car accident reconstruction; this uncommon certification allows her to study and understand car accident claims in fine detail, pinpointing liability wherever it lies. She is also fluent in Spanish and Bahasa Indonesian.

If you need an Albuquerque injury lawyer, look no further than Attorney Rachel Berenson. Set up your initial consultation with her today to learn more about our firm’s services and your legal options.

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