3 signs you may have a traumatic brain injury after a truck wreck

3 signs you may have a traumatic brain injury after a truck wreck

Trucking accidents have the potential to be more severe than incidents involving cars due to the larger size of trucks. They often involve more serious injuries and more damage.

According to the National Safety Council, large truck accidents comprise 9% of automobiles that become part of deadly wrecks. Those involved in such crashes may sustain a wide range of injuries, including burns, concussions, broken bones and spinal cord damage. Traumatic brain injuries are one form of harm that may go unnoticed unless a person knows the signs and watches for them after a truck accident.

1. Sudden sensitivity

One sign of a hidden TBI is sudden sensitivity to light or sound. Changes in the way the senses work are also a sign. Blurriness, ear ringing and deadened sense of taste and smell may also signal a TBI.

2. Decreased physical and mental ability

Those afflicted by an undiscovered TBI may find themselves with difficulty focusing, balancing or speaking. They may suffer from sudden memory loss or mental fog. They may also experience a sudden shift in mood and emotion.

3. Pain

Headaches, especially persistent or frequent reoccurring ones, are a major indicator that something is wrong. Nausea, dizziness and losing consciousness for brief periods may accompany the pain.

Many individuals refuse proper medical treatment after a wreck because they do not perceive significant harm to themselves. However, lack of visible signs does not preclude the existence of internal injuries that may only show themselves hours, days or even weeks after, when the damage may be worse or irreparable. It is imperative to seek medical care after a crash and if experiencing any of the described symptoms even if previously cleared of injuries. For those worried about costs, those injured in crashes may pursue compensation in many cases.

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