3 kinds of car accident injuries

3 kinds of car accident injuries

Few people manage to go their entire lives without being involved in a car accident in Santa Fe, and fewer still escape those accidents unscathed.

You should always get medical help following a collision. You may seem fine, but some injuries may not show immediately. Here’s why:

1. Head trauma

After an accident, you could suffer from whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the head suffers a blow or strike that puts pressure on the muscles around the neck, spine and shoulders. As a result, victims may feel discomfort and pain.

Another kind of head trauma is a concussion. Concussions are often seen in people who play sports, but they may also be found in people who suffer from car collisions. Like whiplash, a concussion occurs when the head is stuck, which shakes the brain around. The victim may lose consciousness as a result.

The skull may suffer a severe blow that causes it to fracture. A skull fracture may break and cause bone fragments to lodge into the skull. Brain exposure can be a serious medical emergency and lead to many cognitive disorders.

2. Spine injuries

The spine serves the body by sending signals from the brain to muscles. When the connection is severed, which can occur after the spine is injured, then a person may lose sensation and control over their limbs – this is called paralysis. Paralysis can affect major and minor parts of the body.

The spine is also cushioned by sacks between each vertebra. These sacks help reduce shock and protect nerves. If these sacks are injured, then they may rupture, which is called a herniated disc. A herniated disc can cause immense discomfort and limit a person’s ability to bend over and move.

3. Internal organ damage

Some wounds aren’t obvious. The body may suffer from internal injuries, such as internal bleeding, after a car accident. Internal bleeding can creep up on someone until they’re in a real medical crisis — and it can even quickly turn deadly. That’s another reason it’s always best to have a medical check after a wreck.

When you’ve suffered injuries and financial losses after a car wreck, you may need to know your legal rights when seeking compensation.

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