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June 2018 Archives

New tech may be the answer to distractions on the road

As too many drivers in New Mexico know through personal experience, smartphones provide a variety of distractions. To stop this, several phone providers have made free apps available that silence all incoming communications, send autoreplies and prevent drivers from engaging in certain functions like texting. However, these do not block all communications.

The similarities between drunk and drowsy driving

It's likely that most drivers in New Mexico have gotten behind the wheel at least once while in a drowsy state of mind. According to one study, roughly 60 percent of all adults in the U.S. have been guilty of drowsy driving. While drowsy driving may not seem as dangerous as operating under the influence of alcohol, the two actually share some similarities.

Recent crashes raise concerns with Tesla Autopilot program

Though undeniably an innovator in semi-autonomous vehicle technology, Tesla is still struggling to create solid safety standards for its Autopilot program. This has resulted in numerous crashes, including a May accident that involved a Tesla Model S and a fire truck. Residents of New Mexico will want to know how Tesla has responded to these accidents.

Legal cases involving nursing home abuse

New Mexico residents who have elderly loved ones in an assisted living facility or nursing home should be aware of the risk of abuse that can occur in such environments. More importantly, they should know what steps to take if they become aware of the abuse. If an elderly victim is believed to be in imminent danger, local law enforcement authorities or adult protective services should be contacted immediately.

Seatbelt use can lead to less severe liver injuries

New Mexico residents who neglect to wear a seatbelt when driving will want to know about a new study showing one of the innumerable benefits to seatbelt use. Researchers from NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn analyzed crash data from the National Trauma Data Bank, focusing on the years 2010 to 2015 and looking at patients who suffered from liver injuries. They found that those who wore seatbelts reduced their risk for severe liver injuries by 21 percent.

App data shows drivers text most during afternoon rush hours

New Mexico drivers may want to use extra caution when driving home after work. According to a new study, afternoon rush hours are the time of day when the most Americans are texting and driving. Such distractions could make drivers more prone to causing car accidents.

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