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Whistleblowing And Employer Retaliation

You Don’t Have To Face Your Workplace Issues Alone

Employees who become aware of a serious workplace issue are faced with a choice: Keep the matter to themselves or report it to someone within the company. For many people, neither option may seem like a good one. If you say nothing, you might agonize at having to conceal something that should be disclosed; however, you might feel your job would be at risk if you do decide to come forward.

What you may not consider is that employment law protects good-faith efforts by employees to tell the truth about adverse working conditions, such as discrimination or harassment, or improper or illegal actions made by company managers or other employees. At the Albuquerque law firm of Berenson & Associates, PC, we understand the concerns you have, and we can help guide you through them with the goal of protecting your employee rights and your good name.

The More You Document Your Experiences, The Better

If you are experiencing workplace discrimination or harassment at your job in New Mexico, you should:

  • Report the issue to your employer or human resources department in writing
  • Document any harassment or discriminatory actions
  • Gather the necessary documents and important evidence
  • Report the violations to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Likewise, if you act as a whistleblower and report violations committed by your employer, you are protected from retaliation — in the form of terminating your employment, cutting your pay, or making working conditions unpleasant in an attempt to get you to quit.

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