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Rear-End Collisions

Albuquerque Car Accident Attorney

If you have been hurt in a rear-end collision, you may understandably be facing a stack of medical bills that seem to have no end in sight, not to mention the costs that are associated with fixing your damaged vehicle. After being struck by a negligent driver in New Mexico, you always want to make certain that you team up with a trustworthy Albuquerque car accident lawyer to maximize your chances of winning a maximum recovery. At Berenson & Associates, PC​, we have made a name for ourselves as litigators and legal professionals who genuinely care about our clients and put their priorities in focus.

Why should you choose our team?

  • 15+ years of legal experience
  • Former vehicular homicide and DWI prosecutor
  • Certified auto accident reconstructionist
  • All initial consultations are free

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What Causes A Rear-End Car Accident?

It is rare for a rear-end collision to be caused by anything other than the negligence of the rear driver that crashes into another vehicle. Rear-end collision also often occur while the front vehicle is not moving at all. The result is an abrupt and violent exchange of force from the back vehicle to the front, causing severe injuries. Victims in either vehicle may experience brain injuries, spinal cord damage, whiplash, and even death.

Negligent behaviors and actions of the rear driver may include:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Ignoring traffic signals
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Texting and driving

An investigation by our certified attorney may be able to reveal that your rear-end car accident was a direct consequence of the other driver’s recklessness. If this is the case, we can push for full compensation that covers medical bills, reduced earning, vehicle repair, and your emotional trauma.

Mediation May Be The Answer

At our law firm, we prepare each case as if it is going to go to court. We do, however, believe in the power and convenience of mediation. If we can achieve a fair settlement in a conference room instead of a courtroom, we do not overlook it, as this would allow you to avoid court costs and days spent out of your home when you should be relaxing. Go ahead and call us at 505-227-8315​ and we can explain more about your legal options and whether or not you should be considering mediation with the help of our Albuquerque car accident attorney.