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Dramshop Claims

Make Sure Your DWI Accident Claim Is Fully Explored

When someone in New Mexico has been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, that driver needs to be held accountable for his or her actions. However, that person may not be the sole liable party in a drunk driving accident. The lawyers at the Albuquerque firm of Berenson & Associates, PC have experience as prosecutors and personal injury attorneys in DWI cases, so our firm will explore all avenues to seek justice in a drunk driving accident case.

New Mexico is one of several states with laws that allow victims of drunk driving accidents to pursue legal action against both the driver of a vehicle as well as parties who negligently provided the driver with alcohol. These are known as dram shop liability cases — “dram” being an old word relating to selling spirits by the drink. Under this concept, alcohol vendors and social hosts who recklessly provide alcohol to a guest or patron can be held partially liable for any damages that result.

Personal Injury Lawyers Who Will Thoroughly Examine Your Case

While not every drunk driving accident leads to a dram shop liability claim, it is crucial that your attorney investigate your case to determine what action you should take. Even if a drunk driver was not being served at a restaurant, bar or other public setting, a third party might still be held accountable.

This might come up, for example, at a private party if the host recognized that a guest was obviously intoxicated but did not take action to stop the guest from drinking more, to help counter the alcohol’s effects or to prevent the guest from driving.

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