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There's a reason for laws against using cell phones while driving

If you've been a licensed New Mexico driver for some time, you no doubt feel quite comfortable behind the wheel. Even if you were among those who thought the parallel parking test would be their demise, once you obtained a driver's license and became an experienced driver, your confidence probably increased, as well. Some licensed drivers are overly confident; in fact, they believe they're invincible.

Such people often take risks while driving or even disregard traffic laws and safety regulations. The problem is that their irresponsible choices can place you and your loved ones in harm's way. Driving while using a cell phone is a perfect example. Most states have laws against it, but many people do it anyway.

Why do people disobey cell phone laws while driving?

The fact is that, even if you have an urgent situation while driving that prompts a need to use your cell phone, there is likely a way to safely exit the roadway to make the call. In New Mexico, Senate Bill 19 became a law in 2014, making it illegal for anyone driving in this state to hold and use a cell phone while driving.

Many licensed drivers believe they're invincible. They either think no one will catch them or that nothing bad will happen to them if they use their phones behind the wheel.

Small talk and non-emergency conversations

Perhaps you and your spouse always give each other a quick text or call to say you're on your way home or that you will be late in arriving there for some reason. If a driver makes such a call while already en route, he or she has a great chance of causing a collision that results in serious injury or death.

It's always best to pull off the road to text or use a cell phone. In this state, you are legally bound to do so. If you suffer injury because someone was sending a text or talking on a phone instead of focusing on driving, you may face a long, stressful recovery.

Post-accident care can be expensive

Even a relatively minor injury can cause you to have to take time off work to recover. More severe injuries may prompt a need for repeated medical treatments and follow-up care that might include physical therapy or assisted-living services. New Mexico law states that recovering victims or immediate family members of fatally injured victims may seek financial recovery for damages in civil court.

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